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The World of Social Impact Design in Mexico City – The World’s Design Capital

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The World of Social Impact Design in Mexico City

The World’s Design Capital

By Josh Layton | February 8, 2019

It’s a metropolis of epic proportions. 21 million people living and working in one of the most colourful, delicious, vibrant and contrasting cities on earth. Known locally as CDMX (Cuidad de México), this creative mecca, awash in its signature pink (Pantone 226C), is playing host to our Creative Director, Josh Layton, for the next three months as he explores the world of social impact design in Latin America. As 2018’s World Design Capital, we can think of no better place to start this adventure.

For over a decade this city has inspired Loop’s work, and our mission to use design as a way to help world-changing organizations amplify their impact. It’s a city of stark contrast, sensory overload (in the best possible way), pressing social and environmental challenges, and design culture that beats through the heart of the city. It’s also a hotbed for NGOs, social enterprise and game-changing innovations that are shaping a better future here and around the world.

For years we’ve been inspired by a new generation of Mexicans, who are creating ingenious solutions to local problems that can be scaled to global proportions. In our work with Dignify at the Hult Prize in 2018, the world’s largest competition for social enterprise, we were inspired by the work of Mexican finalists uGas, a dry-toilet business that employs refugees in slums and transforms waste into biogas. Watching this drive for social innovation flourish, we are excited to explore the intersections with design over the coming months and explore the potential for this philosophy in Latin America.

We’re excited to share stories, inspiration and insight over the next little while and invite you to take in this creative capital with us!

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Tapestry promotional materials on a table

Mobilizing Community Capital With Design

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Mobilizing Community Capital With Design

New Work: Tapestry Capital

By the Loop Team | October 1, 2018

Over the past several months, Loop has had the pleasure of developing a brand identity and website for Tapestry Community Capital, a non-profit co-op that supports other non-profits and co-ops in raising investment through community bonds.

As a new social enterprise venture, Tapestry needed to launch with a brand and web presence that clearly explained the community bonds concept and showcased their unique expertise. Their brand needed to position Tapestry as a leader in social finance and an expert in community bonds. Simultaneously, we wanted the Tapestry brand to stand out among other financial services providers by highlighting the unique community aspect of Tapestry’s mission. The brand had to feel not only professional and credible, but also optimistic, innovative and uniquely human.

Tapestry promotional materials on a table

The People’s Tapestry was created as the core element of the Tapestry brand. It is a custom illustration formed from a continuous thread, including recognizable images of people coming together to contribute their shares (or bonds) to support community projects. The illustration is about weaving a tapestry of community support – it is unique, recognizable, and gives the brand an authentic and human quality.

Black and white photo of Tapestry launch event

The new Tapestry brand has been applied to a suite of marketing materials, as well as their new website,, where we were able to further bring the People’s Tapestry illustration to life through animation and dynamic imagery.

Tapestry successfully launched this spring with an awesome event at the CSI in Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the iconic projects that will be brought to life through the power of community bonds!